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Innovation Answered

Dec 20, 2021

There’s a great quote in David Robertson and Bill Breen’s book Brick by Brick, a look inside The LEGO Group. They write, “The most difficult challenge in business is not to invent an innovative product; it’s to build an organization that can continually create innovative products.” How companies can become innovative and stay that way is the focus of a special series coming soon from Innovation Answered, the podcast for corporate innovators. We’ll be looking at big, established companies like LEGO, Apple, and Disney and asking what makes them so successful decade after decade and how they bounce back from challenges. Is it all about great leadership—or do these companies have a grasp on principles of persistent innovation that other companies can emulate? In today’s teaser episode, guest producer Wade Roush talks with InnoLead co-founder Scott Kirsner about where the idea for the miniseries came from and what hypotheses we’ll explore as we go along. Look for the first full episode on January 18, 2022.

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